Model Soldiers - Military Miniatures
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180mm YH1801 Roman Centurion $60.00
180mm YH1811 Roman Legionarius $60.00
180mm YH1810 Vercingetorix Gallic $60.00
180mm YH1809 Spartan B.C. 480 $60.00
180mm YH1803 Roman Signifer 1st $60.00
180mm YH1807 Achilles B.C. 1200 $60.00
180mm YH1808 Hektor B.C. 1200 $60.00
180mm YH1812   Gladiators 1st $60.00
180mm YH1814 Royal Navy Captain $60.00
180mm YH1813 Ramses II $60.00
180mm YH1815 Athenian Warlord $60.00
180mm YH1816 La Hire-Battle of Patay $64.00
180mm YH1819 Aztec Warrior $60.00
180mm YH1818 Sioux Indian $60.00
180mm YH1817 Alexander The Great $60.00
180mm YH1820 The Pirate-Before Sunset $64.00
180mm YH1821    Blackfoot Raven Bearer $64.00
180mm YH1824 Sparta-Thermopylae $64.00
180mm YH1823 Black Beard 1718 $64.00
180mm YH1825 Goguryeo Calvary Officer $64.00
180mm YH1826 92nd Gordon Highlanders $64.00
180mm YH1822 Celtic Warriors 1st $60.00
180mm YH1829 Roman Calvary Officer $64.00
180mm YH1828 Celtic Warrior Hallstatt $64.00
180mm YH1830 Norman Knight Hastings $64.00
180mm YH1831 Polish Winged Hussar $74.00
180mm YH1827 Templar Knight-Jeruslem $64.00
180mm YH1845 Achilles B.C. 1200-Modified Design $64.00
180mm YH1837 Templar Knight $64.00
180mm YH1839 Greek Hoplite $64.00
180mm YH1840 Romam General 1st $66.00
180mm YH1833 Gladiators (II) $64.00
180mm YH1834 Roman Signifier 1st (II) $68.00
180mm YH1835 Wild Wild West $64.00
180mm YH1836 The Death-Frederick $64.00
180mm YH1832 Zaporozhian Cossacks $64.00
180mm YH1844 Daimyo Warlord $74.00
180mm YH1846 Napoleon-Austerluz
180mm YH1847 French Grenadiers $64.00
180mm YH1842 Roman Cavalry Officer-3rd $79.00
180mm YH1838 Highland Clansman $64.00
180mm YH1848 Celtic Cornicer $69.00
180mm YH1841 Viking Warrior $66.00
180mm YM1811 SS Totenkopf Officer $60.00
180mm YM1812 US Soldier Ardennes $60.00
180mm YM1810 German Waffen (II) $60.00
180mm YM1813 USMC Iwojima (Resin) $60.00
180mm YM1815 B-17 Waist Gunner ETO $60.00
180mm YM1816 USMC Fallujah Iraq $60.00
180mm YM1817 USMC Hue. Vietnam $60.00
180mm YM1821 Black Devil-Soviet Naval $64.00
180mm YM1862 B-17 Bomber Crew $64.00
180mm YM1863 French Foreignlegion $69.00
180mm YM1819 German Feldgendarmerie $60.00
180mm YM1820 Stormtrooper-Somme $64.00
180mm YM1823 Soviet Tank Commander $64.00
180mm YM1824 US Paratroopers-82nd $64.00
180mm YM1825 German Infantry $64.00
180mm YM1842 British SAS North Africa $69.00
180mm YM1826 Max Wunsche Western Front $115.00
180mm YM1822 Waffen SS MG-42 Gunner $85.00
180mm YM1829 German MG34 Gunner $79.00
180mm YM1828 German Fallschirmjager $64.00
180mm YM1830 US Navy Seal-Afghanistan $64.00
180mm YM1841 US Paratrooper 17th $64.00
180mm YM1839 German DAK Infantry $64.00
180mm YM1832 British LRDG $64.00
180mm YM1831 German Waffen SS $64.00
180mm YM1834 British Paratrooper $64.00
180mm YM1827 Soviet Mountaineer Officer $64.00
180mm YM1833 Luftwaffe Bomber $64.00
180mm YM1848 US 2nd Ranger Battalion $64.00
180mm YM1838 The Chosin Few $64.00
180mm YM1836 German Gebirgsjager $64.00
180mm YM1847 U-Boat Commander $64.00
180mm YM1846 Luftwaffe Pilot $64.00
180mm YM1849 German Motorcyclist $64.00
180mm YM1843 Flying Tigers $64.00
180mm YM1801 Fire Fighter $64.00
180mm YM1835 British Tank Crew $64.00
180mm YM1837 British Infantry Somme $64.00
180mm YM1850 RAF Bomber Command $69.00
180mm YM1853 British Commandos $64.00
180mm YM1854 Operation Valyrie $64.00
180mm YM1845 US Navy Seal Vietnam $64.00
180mm YM1844 German Fallschirmjager $69.00
180mm YM1856 USAAF Fighter Pilot $64.00
180mm YM1857 German Stormtrooper $64.00
180mm YM1858 Russian Cossack $64.00
180mm YM1860 SS Gebirgsjager WWII $85.00
180mm YM1855 Easy Company-Bastogne $69.00
180mm YM1807 101 Airborne 1944 $60.00
180mm YM1804 Waffen SS 1944 $60.00
180mm YM1803R German S Boot Crew $60.00
180mm YM1808 US Tank Crew 1944 $60.00
180mm YM1809 Totenkoff Division $60.00
180mm YM1865 Waffen SS Panzerschreck $69.00
180mm YM1866 1st Cav. Vietnam 1970 $74.00
180mm YH1846 Napoleon-Austerluz $64.00
180mm YH1846 Napoleon-Austerluz $74.00
180mm YH1850 Roman Optio $74.00
180mm YH1849 Polish Nobleman $74.00
1/10th Scale #SL004 Hell on Wheels 2nd Armored Division WWII $74.00
1/10th Scale #YM1868 RAF Spitfire Mk.1 Pilot WWII $79.00
1/10th Scale #YM1867 British SAS Jeep Gunner North Africa 1941 WWII $89.00
1/10 Scale #YM1869 Waffen SS Young Machine Gunner $79.00
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1/10 Scale #YH1854 Roman Legionary 1st Century $75.00
1/10th Scale #YH1852 Viking Warrior 10th Century $75.00
1/10th Scale #YH1853 Knight 14th Century $75.00
1/10 Scale #YM1871 British Airborne with Piat 1944 $77.00