Model Soldiers - Military Miniatures
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180mm = 1/10th Scale  /  200mm = 1/9th Scale  /  150mm = 1/12th Scale  /  120mm = 1/16th Scale
Many Other Kits Available
120mm #120/RAF British Spitfire Pilot WWII $62.00
120mm #120/USM U.S. Marine Vietnam $63.00
120mm #120/MM Mountain Man $63.00
120mm #120/RR Rogers Ranger 18th Century $63.00
120mm #120/BS Berdans Sharpshooter ACW $63.00
120mm #120/LSOG Last Stand of the Old Guard 1815 $320.00
120mm #120/C1 Canadian Infantryman WWI $62.00
120mm #120/NA Iroquis Indian $63.00
120mm #120/KGL Kings German Legion 1815 $62.00
120mm #120/BP British Paratrooper WWII $62.00
120mm #120/RD Rourkes Drift 1879 $122.00
120mm #120/FDR French Dromedaire Regiment $169.00
120mm #120/IGC French Imperial Guard Chasseur $62.00
120mm #120/LRDG British LRDG/SAS WWII $62.00
120mm #120/GMG German MG34 Gunner WWII $62.00
120mm #120/GMGL German MG34 Loader with MP40 WWII $62.00
120mm #120/CCT French Imperial Guard Chasseur Trumpeter $62.00
200mm #BRO 95th Rifles 1815 Bust $62.00
200mm #BBS Berdans Sharpshooter Bust $62.00
200mm #BDG Sgt. 5th Dragoons Crimea 1854, Bust $62.00